Shipwreck in Pylos: The contradictions of the Coast Guard’s spokesman expose the Greek authorities (video)

In this post, we gather the public statements of the Coast Guard’s spokesman Nikos Alexiou in the next 24 hours after the fatal shipwreck off Pylos. Big contradictions arise from these statements, with the most characteristic being the initial absolute refusal of any rafting of the “Adriana” boat (as the fishing boat with the hundreds of refugees was called) to the Coast Guard’s boat, which the survivors referred to from the beginning as soon as they landed in Kalamata. 24 hours later, the Coast Guard’s spokesman changed his position and admitted the rafting, but denied the towing. According to the complaints of the survivors, the towing of the ship resulted in the shipwreck.

Watch the video with the contradictions of the Coast Guard’s spokesman: